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Ever enjoyed the aroma of a wine so much you longed to have it fill your home? Now, you can. The...

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In 1994, I converted a small closet in my Manhattan apartment to a climate-controlled wine 'cellar'....

Keeping Wine for the Long Haul

Submitted by JT G. on April 23, 2015

Neil Diamond wrote (and sang) Red, Red, Wine. How could anyone make such a mistake!

Wine Songs

Submitted by Clyde J. on April 22, 2015

Al Stewart did a whole album with a wine theme called "Down InThe Cellar".

Wine Songs

Submitted by Dave R. on April 21, 2015

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    "A huge bottle that contains a ridiculous 12 litres of Champagne, which is the equivalent of 16 bottles. "

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    "New Orleans, LA"

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    "I started loving Champagne when I was ten. We visited Epernay as a family, and my parents felt compelled to let us try it since we were visiting the region of Champagne... and I loved it!"

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How many standard bottles are there in a Magnum?