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In the broad category of easy-drinking, warm-weather white wines, torrontés stands out for...

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What Wine Goes with Hot Dogs?

Submitted by . on August 21, 2014

I would like to see about the regions of Peru, Chile and Argentina. I have had some fine wines from...

Emerging Wine Region: Croatia

Submitted by . on August 20, 2014

This was light and sweet without being syrupy like many Moscato wines tend to be.

Beringer Sparkling Moscato

Submitted by . on August 19, 2014

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    Where did you grow up?

    "I grew up in Northern California's silicon valley. San Jose to be exact."

    What was the first time you remember drinking wine?

    "My family have been wine enthusiasts for 30 years. The first time I ever "drank" wine my mother was recently pregnant with me. Our wine group, who has been bottling together since 1980, was taking a wine tour of France. They were in Bordeaux and my mother had terrible morning sickness. The group was privileged enough to taste at Yquem, THE Sauternes producer. My mom said she took one sip of the luscious nectar and I settled down for the rest of the trip. The first time I actually can recall tasting wine was during our fall bottling of the Nouveau in my driveway when I was six. It tasted like bubblegum and bananas. I was hooked."

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What altitude does the torrontés grape grow best in?