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Interview with a Wine Maeven

  • Jul 20, 2015

Ever wonder what it is like to be the mastermind behind the wine program of one of the...

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Alsaces Riesling Royalty

  • Jun 10, 2015

Founded in 1626, Maison Trimbach in Alsace, France stands among the world’s classic...

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Wine, Would You Say?

  • Mar 16, 2015

We want to personally thank Dave Matthews for devoting part of his rock fortune to organic...

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Presidential Pairings

  • Feb 16, 2015

On August 8, 1974, President Richard Nixon announced his resignation. While it wasn’t the...

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Famous Historical Figures and Their Wine Obsessions

  • Dec 24, 2014

On this Christmas eve we thought we would celebrate some of the famous and powerful people...

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Sommeliers Who Go Back to the Cellar

  • Oct 22, 2014

Most wine professionals who achieve the incredibly difficult pinnacle of wine expertise by...

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Nothing Withering about The Withers

  • Oct 20, 2014

Andrew Tow is a longtime wine collector; he proposed to his wife, Kathleen, 28 years ago while...

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#SipWithKaren (MacNeil) and Team Bottlenotes on Twitter October 23

  • Oct 13, 2014

Do you love posting wine pictures and tips on social media and sharing favorite wines with your...

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Geeking Out

  • Sep 29, 2014

Ever since our first day of kindergarten, September has meant one thing: back to school. Our...

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The Standup Sommelier

  • May 8, 2014

If you’ve ever taken a wine class of any sort, you might have felt intimidated, not to...

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In the northern hemisphere, during which month do red wine grapes typically change from green to red?