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The Daily Sip™: Viticulture

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Pruning – Not Sexy but Super Significant

  • Jan 21, 2014

Winter seems like such a peaceful time in a vineyard—no threats of spring frost...

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The Origin of Wine Grapes

  • Apr 22, 2013

Bordeaux , Burgundy , Napa Valley . We know the names of famous wine appellations today. But...

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Life with Wine: Bordeaux

  • Apr 17, 2013

Few economic sectors see the effects of global warming as clearly as winemakers, for whom the...

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Can You Define Terroir in Just a Sentence?

  • Mar 12, 2013

It’s hard to talk about wine these days without someone mentioning the word terroir ....

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"San-so" Anyone?

  • Jul 11, 2012

If you’ve heard of cinsault (pronounced “San-so”), it’s probably as a...

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Vin du Chien

  • Jun 12, 2012

Is the Napa Valley going to the dogs? It might seem that way at Frenchie, a new winery for dogs...

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Burial Caves and Bare Feet

  • Oct 18, 2011

An amazing wine discovery has just been unearthed…literally. During a recent...

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What's A Field Blend?

  • Jul 7, 2011

Blending is a tried-and-true practice in the wine industry. But it's also an insurance policy...

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All Your Grapes In One Basket

  • Mar 31, 2011

A couple weeks ago, we let you know about a Greek grape called Assyrtiko . It produces a...

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Vinotherapy - The Fountain of Youth

  • Mar 16, 2010

Like drinking wine? Then how about using it in your next bubble bath? Well, more accurately using...

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How many years must a Viognier vine grow until it will bear fruit?