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The Daily Sip™: Wine Tips

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Move Over Manischewitz: Food and Wine Pairings for Passover

  • Apr 14, 2014

Think good kosher wine is an oxymoron? Think again. These days, there are a handful of kosher...

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Skip into Spring with a Perfect Picnic

  • Apr 10, 2014

It’s spring. Finally. And with the trees leafing out and the daffodils blooming,...

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Plucky Pairings for Spring Chicken Recipes

  • Apr 3, 2014

With the equinox behind us and Easter right around the corner, it’s time to think about...

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Perfect PB & J and Wine Pairings

  • Apr 2, 2014

On April 2 the nation will be celebrating. Not spring, not Easter, not the end of a day of...

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Oldie, but Goodie: Try a New Region for the Classic Grape, Pinot Noir

  • Mar 27, 2014

This month, the Bottlenotes team looked outside Sonoma and Burgundy for some terrific pinot...

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Eat Green and Drink Well on St. Patrick’s Day

  • Mar 17, 2014

You may recoil in horror at the sound of green beer on St. Patrick’s Day, and green wine...

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Casual Night in with Popcorn and Wine

  • Mar 13, 2014

We feel quite strongly here at The Daily Sip® that wine isn’t just for elegant...

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Weird Wine Scents

  • Mar 7, 2014

Wine doesn’t always just smell like fruit and earth, it has all kinds of weird smells,...

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Stay in for Valentine's Day

  • Feb 12, 2014

For new relationships, Valentine’s Day can be stressful. If you plan an elaborate evening...

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Toast Your Valentine with Wine and Cheese

  • Feb 11, 2014

It seems obvious—this most twosome-est of holidays should feature awesome duos of wine...

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Showing 1-10
of 419

Which grape is used to make Muscadet wine from Nantes, France?