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"There's No Crying in Wine Country"

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  • Publish Date: Apr 9, 2009

Whether driving off a cliff, leading a professional women’s baseball team, or commanding a country as the first female president, Geena Davis conjures up unmistakable cinematic moments in most of our minds.\\n\\nWhat you might not know, however, is that Geena is a real wine enthusiast. So much so that she agreed to serve as the auctioneer at a recent Napa Valley Auction, where, when sales were slagging, she walked onto the stage and pronounced to the well-heeled crowd, “People, you’re not going to let a Desperate Housewife [prior year\\\'s auctioneer] out-raise the President, are you?” Sure enough, barrels and auction lots were bought and Geena Davis’ iconic image had expanded from the silver screen to wine country.\\n\\nWhen not wine auctioneering or acting, Geena enjoys being mom to her adorable twins, and raising money for See Jane, a non-profit she founded to help raise awareness about the dearth of female characters in young children’s entertainment. Click here to hear Geena herself talk about the Napa Valley Auction, See Jane, and more in this exclusive podcast.


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