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Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da

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  • Publish Date: May 28, 2009

Kellie Martin was a childhood actor; those who loved “Life Goes On” will remember her as Corky’s sister. She has been in dozens of made-for-television movies, but is also well known as Noah Wylie’s love interest on ER and most recently, as a special guest on America’s other beloved hospital drama, Grey’s Anatomy. She is also an accomplished black-and-white photographer, photography collector (Sally Mann), and burgeoning director and author.

When not canoodling with the likes of Noah Wylie or McSteamy, Kellie is a devoted wife, mother, and foodie. Kellie first remembers drinking wine at age 18 in Paris. “Wine’s been a passion ever since.” Today, she mostly drinks wine at home, and her favorites include Zinfandels from Paso Robles, Bordeaux from the picturesque appellation of St. Émilion, and she also “digs Pinot Noirs and Chiantis.” Her favorite wine pairing is right down the fairway: “I’m going to kick it old school and say wine and cheese. I am always amazed how the wine brings out the subtly of certain cheeses. For me heaven might be a huge chunk of goat cheese and a glass of Etude Pinot Noir.” A heavenly combo indeed!

For more on Kellie’s food & wine life (“I want my two year-old daughter to really enjoy whole, healthy, delicious food.”), read her Wine Lifestyle Q&A or listen to our exclusive podcast with Kellie recorded at her home, interviewed by Bottlenotes CEO Alyssa Rapp.

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