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Who To Follow On Twitter

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  • Publish Date: Jun 25, 2010

Who To Follow On Twitter
Wine tweets aren't as fun as drinking--but often close.

Wine talk has spread through Twitter faster than phylloxera hit Europe's grapevines in the 1860s. But just as some vineyards were never good wine, not all wine tweeters have something to say. Here's our quick guide on who to follow for education, info and laughs.

To get tweets that are actually about wine, follow New York Times wine critic @ericasimov. He tweets when his own stories go live, but also shares and comments on articles by other wine writers. Also look to @KevinZraly for basic nuggets of wine education and to Wine Spectator's @FrankWine for good discussion and commentary.

For razor-sharp tweets on what's happening in the industry, there are few better to follow than @pinotblogger of Capozzi Winery in Sonoma. But for edginess and a unique perspective on wine issues large and small, follow @drvino and @SlateWine.

Yet if you're in the camp that finds serious wine talk yawn-worthy, the tweets of @bparkerchuk--a fictitious character mocking famous wine critic Robert M. Parker Jr. and Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) will have you rolling. The more cynical and thick-skinned should follow @CorkTease as well as @TishWine, who's been mocking wine critics online for years.

Of course, you can also follow us (@bottlenotes and @thedailysip), but if you have another favorite wine tweeter, tell us about him or her here.

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