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Law, Order and Wine

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  • Publish Date: Apr 23, 2009

There are some television stars who are vapid and clearly ephemeral. There are others whose careers are consistent, dotted with real successes- and best of all, who like wine.

Seana Kofoed is clearly the latter. Having been on Law & Order CVU, Third Watch, and Ed, she’s recognizable. As Anna Heche’s best friend, a New Yorker displaced to Alaska, on Men in Trees, she became more of a household staple. Best of all, when not morphing from roles as divergent as Audrey Hepburn and a character on Shark Tales, Seana can consistently be found enjoying great food and great wine.

Her favorite wines these days include the Ben Marco Malbec and the Cornarea Roero Arneis (an ancient white-wine grape from Italy). She surprised us with her favorite food, “Licorice. Though usually not with wine.” In terms of what she would eat/drink on a desert island (chilled Sauvignon Blanc), she also asked for water, as she’s “ever trying to improve her wine-to-water ratio.” (Aren’t we all.)

Click here to read more of Seana’s witty commentary about her wine life.

Agree with her assessment of which wine you’d take with you on a desert island? Join the conversation below about the single wine you'd take (cellar temperature island!).

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A Return To The Tangible

Apr 23, 2009
Desert island- such a tough question. My answer changes on a monthly basis. This month, answer would be any first-growth 1978 Bordeaux. That way, they'd continue to evolve and entertain over time- hopefully spicing up desert island life. :)

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Apr 23, 2009
I'm going to go with a never ending cellar of Gaja, Conteisa Langhe - 2001

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