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Great Expectations

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  • Publish Date: Nov 2, 2009

As the great-granddaughter of Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle, founder of Grand Marnier, we must assume Alexandra has had a divine soufflé or two concocted from the delicious liqueur. But well-aged bottles of the French digestif aren’t the only thing laying around her home in Switzerland.

Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle was raised in Paris and trained from a young age to appreciate wine. Her father used to serve her wine with water at dinner so that she would learn how to appreciate “very good wines,” the “complex, enjoyable flavors that you find in the mouth.”

Marrying at the early age of 20, she began a very modest collection of wine and can even recall one of her first purchases, a Petit Village in Pomerol. Many great bottles of wine later, Alexandra and her husband decided to carry on the family torch and founded “Lapostolle” winery in Chile. Building on the same creed of excellence used by the Marnier family in the liqueur business and their experiences gained at the family’s winery in France (Château de Sancerre), Alexandra has great expectations for her South American project. So do we.

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