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Photography to Iconography

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  • Publish Date: Mar 23, 2009

Jack Cakebread is one of the most inspirational entrepreneurs in America across all industries. We know him today as one of the fathers of Napa Valley, but Jack’s entrance into the wine world was almost accidental.

While he and his wife of over a half-century were running Cakebread’s Garage in Oakland in the 1970’s, Jack was also pursuing a passion of professional photography. (To add to his “wow” factor, Jack studied under photographic-legend Ansel Adams and served as a photographer for the NFL.) On a photo shoot in Napa, Jack serendipitously enjoyed a cup of soup at a family-friend’s ranch where he fell in love with the property and offered up his small advance check from the photo shoot as the down-payment. That check launched Cakebread Cellars the brand and Jack Cakebread the Napa Valley Legend.

We at The Daily Sip love every single wine by Cakebread Cellars, from their delicious Sauvignon Blanc through their signature Cabernets. We hold a special place in our hearts for their Dancing Bear Ranch Cabernet (named after the brown bears on Howell Mountain who literally “danced” to a boom box that was intended to scare them away).

Jack’s story shows us that through courage and an indomitable spirit, entrepreneurial dreams do become realities.

Listen to Jack tell his story in our exclusive podcast interview.

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