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 Filed as : Regional Spotlight~ Rest of World

Wining with the Gods

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  • Publish Date: Jul 21, 2009

The wonders of Greece evoke images from pristine white-sanded islands to overbearing families, to the ancient ruins of Athens. While the Greek God of Wine (Dionysis) is often referenced, we rarely hear about the wonders of Greece’s modern wine production.

The Greek state of Macedonia, not to be confused with the Republic of Macedonia, which borders it to the north, produces some of the country’s best wines in its lush, fertile plains. The varied geography—miles of Aegean coast to the east and Greece’s tallest mountain (the famous Mt. Olympus) to the west—contribute beautifully to the body of its wines.

In Macedonia you will find Greece’s largest commercial winery, Boutari. Founded in 1879 in Naoussa (a town in northwestern Macedonia), Boutari now oversees five wineries throughout the country.

Yiannis Boutaris, a Macedonian expert trained at UC Davis, makes a light and graceful red wine from the Xinomavros grape (think a Greek version of Pinot Noir) at his artisanal Kir-Yianni Winery. He once owned Boutari but now dedicates his time to the crafting the perfect native, boutique wine.

We have no doubt that Macedonian wines will only continue to grow in popularity; who could resist the enchantment of wine bottled right at Zeus’s footsteps?


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