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 Filed as : Regional SpotlightHungary

King of Wines, Wine of Kings

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  • Publish Date: Jun 23, 2009

Hungarian wine has notoriously unpronounceable names, but the tongue-tangling is a worthwhile struggle to get a taste of their delectable wines.

The Massif (as in the Hungarian wine region, not the hound) is tucked in the Northeastern corner of the country where ancient volcanoes once erupted. Because if its rich, volcanic soil, the Massif produces Hungary’s most noteworthy wines: the white-dessert wine, Tokaji, and the full-bodied red, Egri Bikavér.

Thanks to botrytis (“noble rot”), Tokaji (to-kai-ee) is a dessert wine akin to liquid honey. Its intense sweetness earned it the title, “the king of wines and the wine of kings” by Louis the XV.

The nearby Eger produces the deep, red, Egri Bikavér (translation: Bull’s Blood). Legend has it that soldiers drank the wine while protecting their hometown from invading Turkish troops. It spilled over their armor and frightened the enemies off, who thought the Hungarian soldiers were fierce enough to be drinking the blood of a bull!

Whether you’re interested in a pleasant dessert accompaniment or warding off invading troops, Hungary’s most distinctive region has a wine for you.

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