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 Filed as : Regional Spotlight~ Rest of World

Drink Slovenia, Cheer For the U.S.

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  • Publish Date: Jun 18, 2010

Drink Slovenia, Cheer For the U.S.
Watch the game with a white wine from this small country.

Today's match between America and Slovenia starts early in the morning, but here at The Daily Sip we're doing a very important thing during the game: We're drinking some lovely Slovenian wine.

Why? For starters, the U.S. squad has no players from wine regions of note, while about a third of the Slovenian team does. But most importantly, winning at World Cup soccer is all about respecting your opponent. If that means sipping a Slovenian wine before work today, we're happy to do our part.

Perhaps the most famous producer is Movia, in Primorska, the most prestigious of Slovenia's three wine regions. Along with Chardonnay, there are about 20 lesser-known white varieties grown here and about a dozen reds, including Merlot, Cabernet, and Barbera. But here's a good policy for your first Slovenian wine experience:

Start with a white, make sure it's dry (the label will contain the word "suho"), and throw caution to the wind. Your local shop will have only one or two Slovenian selections anyway, but try one--the wines are usually lively and unique. And if you already have a Slovenian wine you like, tell us about it here.

Just don't drink so much you forget which team you're cheering for today.

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