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Au Naturale

Nov 3, 2010
Au Naturale
A delicious, all natural fermented beverage.

bottlenotes_articleimageIntroducing Cascal, a delicious, fermented, all natural soda. Crafted with care at a microbrewery, Cascal combines natural ingredients with a special fermentation process. The magic is in the fermentation, which naturally brings out the deep, subtle flavors of the fruits. The result is delicious, complex flavors that are robust and lively on the palate- like a great wine.

Refreshingly light, bubbly, and low in calories, Cascal comes in a range of delicious flavors—from more delicate tastes to fuller, more vibrant ones. Cascal's intriguing flavor fusions such as Ripe Rouge with notes of cherry, chocolate, and rose or Fine Dark with notes of honey and malt were inspired by popular chefs. Cascal complements a meal or can be enjoyed as pure stand-alone refreshment.

Fermented. Natural. Delicious.

Cascal is an alchemy of flavors for more sophisticated tastes.

Cascal is available at Whole Foods as well as other specialty retailers. For more information on where to purchase, please visit

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