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Pinot Days Are Here Again

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  • Publish Date: Oct 21, 2009

Pinot Noir and its producers always have Thanksgiving marked on the calendar. It is in late November that the noble grape enjoys a good deal of recognition for its ability to pair so well with turkey. Pinot is absolutely the perfect red wine to complement a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, framing the meal without overpowering the simple and sometimes delicate flavors of stuffing, turkey and mashed potatoes.

Pinot and Thanksgiving go way back, but their connection transcends the pairing with turkey. Pinot is the wine for pioneers, not unlike those who brought the prize to the table at first Thanksgiving.

With Pinot Days Chicago coming to Navy Pier just two weeks before the holiday, great Pinot will be very easy to explore and find!

Daily Sippers get $10 off using the code DAILYSIP10. So get your tickets today and make a great discovery that will be the talk of the Thanksgiving table.

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