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George Jetson, Meet Winemaker

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  • Publish Date: Mar 27, 2009

While we have yet to arrive in the age of flying cars, the technology now exists to produce ultra-premium wine in the comfort of your frisbee shaped, high-rise condo. All the power and capability of a modern winery is contained within a stainless steel WinePod™. Just as the Jetsons punched buttons to produce their meals each day, the Winepod can be programmed to produce wine in the style of your choosing. With high-quality fruit and temperature controlled fermentation, you will become the most talked about garagiste in the neighborhood. The first edition won’t be referring to you as “Mr. or Mrs. J”, but naming and talking to the Winepod is encouraged. Don’t forget to toast your friend when you enjoy the fruits of your labor (or lack there of?). Jokes aside, we want one. Be sure to checkout the Winepod website and watch the demo to see how this bad boy works.

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