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Age of Enlightenment

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  • Publish Date: May 22, 2009

Intuition would have you believe that the best (easiest) way to remove a cork from a bottle is to pull it. This notion that we have long accepted to be good and true has been radically turned upside down by a team of groundbreaking theorists and consumer product designers. Brace yourself. Perhaps, they say, it’s better to push?

The Air Corkscrew, which has forced us to reconsider the definition of the “corkscrew” itself, is both surprisingly easy to use and extremely effective at doing it's job: removing corks. After pushing a thin, sharp needle through the cork, simply begin pumping air into the bottle and the cork is easily pushed out from the inside. We were skeptical about impenetrable corks and messy wine explosions but neither was a problem (though it is not recommended for synthetic corks).

If you’ve got an opener you like, we’d say just stick with it….but what fun would that be? At only $25 this is a great gadget to have around and makes a perfect gift for the wine lover who has everything.

Intrigued? Want to flip your world upside-down?

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