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Show Me The Honey

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  • Publish Date: Dec 3, 2009

The holidays are just around corner and that means one thing: parties, parties, parties.

Entertaining and hosting are a great way to bring together all the people you care about, but it can be so taxing coming up with creative and original holiday spreads. This year, we recommend a new twist on a classic platter:pair your diverse cheese plate with Bee Raw’s “varietal” honey flight.

Bee Raw’s delectable honey is a taste of nature at its most pure. It also can serve as an innovative new pairing for your Manchego, Gouda, and Brie. Anyone with an adventuresome palate will love tasting and comparing raw honey “varietals.”

The honey varietals result from hives strategically located in groves of blueberries, cranberries, raspberries and orange blossoms. The honey takes on the flavor profiles of the groves from which the bees naturally grabbed their pollen making. The very noticeable tastes and textures will have your guests buzzing for more.

Bee prepared for the holidays, whether it's for your party or a honey loving friend.

To purchase the Bee Raw honey flight for yourself or someone else, visit Link

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