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Beer Wolves Of London

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  • Publish Date: Oct 21, 2010

Beer Wolves Of London
Serious beers for the silliest holiday ever.

As we get deeper into October, the excitement (and dread) of assembling a Halloween costume is rising. While everyone's feelings about Halloween may vary, no one can deny that October 26 will be a fun one: Worldwide Howl at the Moon Night.

While the event was established only last year by a social-media-curious Londoner, likely after a pint or two, it begs the question what the rest of us should sip as darkness falls that night? Luckily, the brew masters at Grand Teton Brewing Co. in Victor, Idaho, have two great beers perfect for the occasion.

The first is Howling Wolf Weisse Bier, an unfiltered Bavarian-style Hefeweizen. It's a smooth-drinking wheat beer that's light on the hops, and has a golden color and subtle aromas of fruit and spice.

The second beer is Howling Wolf Weizenbock. A weizenbock is a strong wheat beer; this one packs a punch at 8% alcohol. But it's not overpowering because the abundant yeast and wheat produce fruit aromas of raisins and bananas, as well as flavors of chocolate and caramel. The beer pairs well with any meal befitting a wolf--especially hearty meats like lamb and venison.

So practice your best howl and get your hands on one of these devilish beers from Grant Teton, available here. And if there's another beer you prefer that leads to animal-like behavior, tell us about it below.




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Pumpkin Wine
Aw, Gee

Oct 21, 2010
I would presume that these beer will leave hair on your chest (& everwhere else)!

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