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Class With Glass?

Dec 6, 2010
Class With Glass?
An alternative to the traditional Christmas tree.

Bottle TreeWe're relatively certain that, like us, you have plenty of empty wine bottles (or you will soon, given that it's the holidays). And we're also pretty certain that you're contemplating when and if to buy a Christmas tree. We've found an answer for both problems: Buy a Bottle Tree.

The trees are made of metal rods by a small company in Sunflower, Miss., and are designed solely for displaying empty wine bottles. They're sold as garden decoration, but the idea actually stems from an African tradition of placing shiny objects outside the home to attract evil spirits away from the family. We suggest you modify the tradition, bring it indoors and make your Christmas tree a Bottle Tree.

For one, you won't have to clean up pine needles. The tree definitely won't die. There's no fire hazard. And, of course, you have a way to show off all the fancy Napa Cabs and Bordeaux you've consumed recently.

The best part: This is one holiday ornament you can leave up all year--just move it out to the yard once the presents are all unwrapped. We can't guarantee that your sense of taste will go unquestioned by the neighbors, but what do they know? They probably only buy critter labels.

Click here to order your very own Bottle Tree. Or if you've seen a more inventive (or silly) holiday decoration, tell us about it below.

 Congratulations to Dave Linsalata, winner of an iPad in our recent contest! Thanks to everyone who entered and provided feedback on Bottlenotes Mobile for iPhone.

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