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Your Corks Matter

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  • Publish Date: Apr 22, 2010

Your Corks Matter
Wine’s closure is one of nature’s most important products.

Here’s a decent wine-related factoid to fill a conversation lull at your next wine-fueled fiesta: Each year, more than 13 billion corks are used worldwide.

That should simply mean we’re one happy, wine-guzzling planet, but there is a downside: Most of those corks end up in the trash instead of being put to good use once the wine bottle is empty.

Fortunately, thanks to organizations like RECORK by Amorim, corks are being recycled into a wide range of products--even shoe soles. Want to help the environment a little? Bring your collection to a cork drop box, located at every WholeFoods in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom (find the nearest store here).

Should you open a bottle of wine this Earth Day, take a moment to appreciate cork’s importance. More than 6.5 million acres of cork forests cover Portugal, Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, Italy and France, and are among the most bio-diverse ecosystems in the world (second to only the Amazonian Rainforest). The bark of a cork tree is harvested by hand--the tree isn’t cut down--every decade or so. The bark completely regenerates, making this as renewable and sustainable as a product gets.

But cork is useful for so much more than just sealing wine bottles or making shoe soles. Read on to learn more about what you can do with cork.

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