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Looky Here

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  • Publish Date: Sep 24, 2010

Looky Here
Sneak some wine into the stadium.

Tomorrow should see some exciting battles on the field of play: Yankees versus Red Sox; Manchester City versus Chelsea; and Alabama versus Arkansas. If you're lucky enough to get tickets, however, odds are that your seats will be so high up that you'll need binoculars.

A magnified view, however, only helps a little bit. So if you're stuck in the nosebleed seats, make a party out of the situation with Barnoculars--the flask that'll be overlooked by security at any sporting event. Each eyepiece opens to a separate 8-oz. chamber so you can switch between red wine to go with the hot dogs and white for the fries.

This flask costs a mere $20 online, and there are even fancier versions made of chrome and leather for $60--but those binocs don't hold as much booze. We suggest saving some money on the cheaper pair and filling them with nicer wine.

Just remember that you can't look through the eyepieces. If you're trying to use the flask as a real set of binoculars by halftime, that means you've had enough.

Got a neat trick of your own for smuggling wine into sporting events? Share it with everyone below.

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Sep 27, 2010
Some think that I just like to get away with things. I would beg to differ (though that is fun). Platypus, a company that makes hydration packs that are BPA-free and taste-free introduced a while back a wine version called PlatyPreserve. This has come in handy for sailing where you don't want to bring glass, but another use has been taking wine to events. Since I don't like being forced into spending copious amounts of money for less than marginal wine that is to be had at concert & sporting event venues, this has solved the problem. And since it's virtually unrecognizable at the bottom of a handbag or backpack, it's been overlooked by those checking bags. No, I don't work for the company - I just love this product!

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