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Wine Totes

Item Picture
  • Publish Date: Nov 27, 2009

We all know that plastic bags have become super passé. Flaunting your eco-friendliness has become a trend, and the simple Whole Foods bags have become the norm. Enter the Map Tote—designed for a bottle of wine but perfect as a carry-all around town.

A product of collaboration between fashion stylist Rachel Rheingold and cartographer Michael Berick, these totes are made from 100% natural cotton and are perfect for transporting wine. The simple, cotton totes are silk-screened with the outline of a wine bottled filled with appellations of wine regions printed directly on them. Attractive and functional–what could be better?

Great for many purposes, the Wine Totes are particularly apropos for transporting bottles of wine as gifts. In so doing, you’ll be both chic and green.

Buy your tote today at .

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