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  • Publish Date: Oct 30, 2009

In this day and age, it’s sometimes hard to know if people are “undressing” vs. “dressing-up” on Halloween. How far you’re willing to go for some shock-value this weekend at your respective parties is up to you, but one wine aficionado has taken a similar attitude toward her reviews. Jamie Oliver’s “Naked Chef” now has his wine industry counterpart.

This time, it comes from Canada vs. England in the form of “The Naked Wine show.”Each episode gives you “the skinny” on one wine each week. It’s hard not to wonder just how racy they’re willing to be as the minute-long video progresses. Once you realize that skinny sipping is “work-safe,” you can tell the host knows her stuff.

A former student of drama and knowledgeable wine enthusiast, Susan Sterling delivers her tasting notes in a calm, confident and slightly coy manner. She’s clearly very comfortable with wine, and….herself.

We just hope they’re not keeping it cellar temperature in the studio.

Don’t be prude—go skinny sipping at

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