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No corkscrew, no problem

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  • Publish Date: Jul 6, 2010

Wine Survival Skills
What to do when there's no corkscrew.

It's happened to us all: Everything about the evening is just right. Good friends. Good food. Good music. Good corkscrew.

Sometimes all it takes is a crafty intern. In case you don't have one of your own, today's The Daily Sip brings you a step-by-step guide to opening wine when no corkscrew can be found (please note, no interns were harmed in the filming of this video):

Shoe video 

1. Grab a bottle of wine. Preferably not a 1982 Bordeaux.
2. Remove your shoe. Place the bottom of the bottle securely within the shoe.
3. Find a smooth, solid surface. Brick walls and trees work best.
4. Slam the heel of your shoe-bottle repeatedly against the solid surface. Use two hands to keep the bottle securely inside the shoe. The cork will gradually push its way out. Keep pounding until you can remove the cork with your hand or your teeth. The harder you slam the bottle, the faster the cork will come out.

However long it takes, if you manage to get into that bottle of wine, sans corkscrew, we applaud you.

Know another crazy way to open a wine bottle? Share it here.

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