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Private Preserve

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  • Publish Date: Aug 14, 2009

It’s always fun to be first. In a race, a class, or with a new discovery. Private Preserve Wine Preserver was THE first, the original, the product that created the category of wine preservers.

Back in the early ‘80s, Scott Farmer was working in the Napa Valley, schlepping his wine from account to account. In the process, he got frustrated by the truncated shelf-life of his open wine bottles. So he set out on an awesome and daunting journey: to figure out how to help preserve his private stash of samples while on the road. The result? Private Preserve.

The magic comes from a little shot of inert gas from a light-weight aerosol can. The substance is totally harmless: it simply forms a “shield” to protect the wine from oxidation. Comprised solely of ozone-friendly gases, Private Preserve is just putting back into the environment what it took out. The canister is even recyclable!

Decanter Magazine (#1 in the UK) rated it “10 out of 10.” Scott himself even claims to have opened a bottle 4 years ago that is still good. It seems Almanac worthy.

At only $9.95 per can, the Private Preserve provides 120 full uses that will help you preserve your wine for days or even years...

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