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Seductive Spaniard

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  • Publish Date: Oct 15, 2009

Hola, me llamo Tempranillo. Consider me the Spanish cowboy of wines. I'm rough around the edges, but if you decide to have a meal with me, you’ll discover I have a lot to offer, including a smoother side that will leave you wanting a second date.

1) You may have come across a bottle of me before and didn’t realize it. Most people just refer to me as a “Rioja,” the region in Spain where I thrive (but only if a bottle is from there should I be called that).

2) I don’t like to hang around too long. In fact, my name stems from the Spanish “temprano” meaning “early”—I tend to ripen a few weeks before my Spanish amigos.

3) I’m thick skinned so I produce a wine that’s high in tannin. Lucky for you, winemakers usually let me soften up in barrel for a couple years before introducing me to the public. By that time, I’ll be a rustic blend of blackberry, plum, strawberry, spice, saddle leather and earth. Think you can resist?

4) Even the biggest grilled streaks from Argentina or Nebraska can’t overpower me. My medium body, balanced tannins, acidity and fruit make me an excellent food wine. Pair me with a burger or even paella.

5) I have several nicknames but my favorite is "Tinto de Toro," which translates to “wine of the bull.” Pretty tough, no? I’m sure Merlot, even with all his decadence, has always been jealous of my machismo.

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