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Learn To Be a Wine Genius

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  • Publish Date: Jul 8, 2010

Learn To Be a Wine Genius
A new DVD teaches the ABCs of tasting.

This sound familiar? You go to a wine tasting and everyone says they detect notes of black currant, cedar, barnyard odors and burnt caramel. Yet to you the wine wine. Suddenly, a tasting feels more frustrating than fun.

If avoiding such anxiety ahead of your next tasting is top priority, you can get a little help with the new DVD Think Like a Genius Wine Master ($89). You'll learn all the nitty-gritty details on how Master Sommelier Tim Gaiser tastes a wine--the idea being that if you can adopt his point-by-point process of evaluation, you can taste like a pro.

You'll get instruction on how to look at a wine, smell it, sip it and, most importantly, bring all of your basic observations together. The process is fun at some points--if you can't remember what blackberries smell like, go sniff some--and downright geeky at others.

Will watching this DVD be the most exhilarating 20 minutes of your life? No, and at $90, that's $4.50 per minute. But it's time and money well spent if your main goal is to create an impression next time you're tasting wine with other people.

Click here to get Think Like a Genius Wine Master. If you've already watched the DVD or learned a cool trick from another wine teacher, tell us about it here.

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