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Inspired--Not Driven--To Drink

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  • Publish Date: Aug 6, 2010

Inspired--Not Driven--To Drink
A new book truly teaches you wine’s basics.

Ever wonder why so many wine books are published each year? Could it be that each one is no better than the next at explaining the ABCs to novice and experienced wine drinkers alike?

That might be the case, which is why Austin Chronicle wine columnist Wes Marshall penned the new book What’s a Wine Lover to Do? Marshall makes no assumptions about the reader’s wine knowledge, and instead offers 334 tips and pointers presented in a straightforward Q&A format. This way, you learn what questions are actually worth asking about wine in the first place (thousands of them aren’t really worth asking at all, of course), not to mention the answers.

More than anything, though, the book is designed to help you learn how to enjoy wine more than you (probably) already do. You’ll learn which wines are worth buying at restaurants as well as how to read labels from different countries. The sections in which Master Sommeliers, winemakers and big names in the industry share their favorite wines might even turn you on to varieties and regions you’ve never considered before. Plus, the chapter on food-and-wine pairing should give you a serious edge for your next dinner party.

Order the book here --or if there’s another book that truly changed the way you think about wine, share it with us below.

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