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  • Publish Date: Jul 20, 2010

A genius tool for describing wines when words fail you.

For novice and expert wine drinkers alike, nothing is more painful than trying to come up with tasting notes--or reading an expert's notes that seem full of incomprehensible wine speak.

Hints of cassis, earth, leather, chocolate and bacon fat might not come to mind when you're drinking that Syrah. So rather than BSing your tasting notes or wholeheartedly relying on those of an expert, let the Silly Tasting Note Generator do the work for you!

On its normal setting, the program designed by Greg and Laurel Sumner of Woodinville, Wash., creates tasting notes similar to those in Wine Spectator. But the real joy is using its Extra-Silly function--especially if you're bored stiff at a wine tasting. Imagine everyone's reaction when you declare the wine as, "Soft but sad Chardonnay. Shows ketchup, smoked oysters and aggressive sweatsock. Drink now through April."

We must admit, though, the Generator's normal setting has the wine-critic voice down cold. If you need to fudge your way out of a tough tasting situation, it might actually work. Case in point: Can you tell which of these notes is real?

Sweet but equally sturdy Cabernet. Begins with sage, fleshy foie gras and atomic traces of rye. Drink now through 2009.

• Refreshing, humming with grapefruit, pear and subtle leafy aromas and flavors, tapering on the finish. Drink now.

We think it's a pretty tough call. Tell us which you think is real in the comments section below. We'll post the answer there later today, and on Twitter with the tag #faketastingnote.

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Jul 20, 2010
The second.... or may the first.... Writing a note that is true to yourself is tough, but I just think about what comes to mind when I smell and taste and write it down immediately, then I go online and compare what the wine-maker has to say. Sometimes what I write agrees, or I smell or taste something different, but it's really like everyone's finger prints: we all have different ones.

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Jul 20, 2010
Overdressed almost focused Zinfandel. Essenses of chutney, french-oaked fig and strong fruit punch. Drink now through 2011. Love it !

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