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Stop 'N Smell The Rosé

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  • Publish Date: May 20, 2009

Memorial Day is fast approaching, which in the wine world, means something great: it’s almost summer…thus rosé season!

In today’s day and age, rosés are made by almost every wine-producing country around the globe. There’s no contesting that Bandol, in Provence, France makes some of the world’s most renowned rosés. Bandol rosés are often cantaloupe or light pink in color. Domaine Tempier and Domaine D’Ott make some of the most renowned rosés from the region.

If you’re interested in a slightly juicier, more jammy rosé, another Daily Sip favorite is the rosé of Cabernet by Pretty Sally. This rosé is much more rich in style than its Bandol counterparts- some might event consider it a red wine lovers rosé- with overt notes of juicy, red raspberries and wild strawberry.

Sullivan Vineyards produces a wonderful hybrid of a traditional, light-pink, Bandol-style rosé, and the new-world Pretty Sally rosé with its “Pink Ink.” Like Domaine D’Ott, the Pink Ink comes in a gorgeous, curvaceous bottle. It offers notes of strawberries and cream, with hints Meyer lemon.

Whichever style of rosé you like is highly personal—but no matter what, we hope you feel inspired to seek out some rosé this Memorial Day weekend. Cheers!

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