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Less Glass, More Sass

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  • Publish Date: Jul 29, 2009

If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly searching for a new (and appropriate) venue to enjoy wine outside this summer, but lugging a heavy glass bottle to a picnic spot on a beautiful summer day just doesn’t cut it. Now we’ve found the perfect bottle to solve those weighty woes. Next time you’re out for a hike, picnic, walk through a park, or on a boat, bring along a bottle of Sassie.

Sasman’s Sassie wines, currently available in Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, are bottled in a sleek, lightweight PET/aluminum bottle. Never again will you need to worry about breaking a glass bottle in transit, thanks to this shatter-resistant packaging. Sassie’s innovative lining also keeps the wine fresh for over two weeks (in case you demonstrate the self-control not to finish it on that breezy afternoon). While we love it for the potential for portable fun, Sassie actually adopted this bottle for the environmental benefits: the lightweight bottle cuts down on the carbon footprint during shipping, and the bottle is completely recyclable.

We had our doubts about wine in a "plastic" bottle, but truly enjoyed Sassie’s light, refreshing, 2007 California Chardonnay. We look forward to taking it along on our next outdoor adventure.

Keep an eye out for Sasman wines—they will be coming to a store near you soon! If you can't wait to cruise the possibilities for some summer beach fun go to

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