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Sep 4, 2015
Wines by the Glass Secrets
What’s in America’s glasses?

jenny_downing_9_4_15_400America’s wine drinking habits can seem a bit volatile (just ask poor merlot), but we’ve found the latest data to help you decide which wine by the glass to order the next time you dine out. Restaurant Sciences, a food and wine data analysis company, recently tracked 10 million wine-by-the-glass purchases at restaurants, hotels and bars around the country. Here are some of the surprising, and not-so-surprising, discoveries.

Most Popular Wines by the Glass

Chardonnay: Almost half of all white wines ordered are chardonnay! The average price is $7.82 per glass.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Almost one third of all red wines ordered are cabernet sauvignon! The average price is $8.26 per glass.

Best Value Wines by the Glass

Pinot Grigio: The average price is $7.25 per glass.

Zinfandel: The average price is $6.68 per glass.

Most Surprising Discovery

Consumers pay more for a glass of pinot gris than for a glass of pinot grigio. The funny thing is…they’re the same grape! Pinot gris is the French name for the grape pinot gris. Pinot grigio is simply the Italian name for pinot gris. So ordering a glass of pinot grigio instead of pinot gris might save you $2 or more!

Have you experienced any great by-the-glass deals lately? Let us know here.

Photo Credit: Jenny Downing

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