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Oct 2, 2015
Become a Cava-sseur
Free e-book, 50 Great Cavas, offers scoop on Spain’s great bubbly

cava_cyclonebill_9_30_15_400There are endless reasons to drink Cava, Spain’s luscious sparkling wine. It’s a delightful bubbly made in the respected traditional method using indigenous grapes (xarello anyone?). You're guaranteed a decent selection at your local grocery store. And it’s a whole lot cheaper than the other sparkling C.

We’re not suggesting you bail on Champagne, but after scrolling through 50 Great Cavas, a free e-book from, it’s easy to see why production and interest in this sparkling wine is on the rise.

Written by a panel of experts including blogger and Penedes resident Anthony Swift, 50 Great Cavas provides thorough reviews of Cavas in a range of styles, from Brut Nature and Extra Brut to Brut and Rosado.

The e-book ends with colorful one-page profiles on some of the winning bodegas. It’s a great guide if you’re planning to visit the region…or even planning a party.

Do you have a favorite Cava? Share it below.

Photo Credit: cyclonebill

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