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Sep 2, 2014
Two Physicians Produce Wine and Health Transparency dispels the myths about wine and health

52362604bdb9a_01.San Francisco Bay area doctors Dr. Mary Jacobson and Dr. Lynn Gretkowski decided to set the record straight on wine and the impact drinking has on one’s health. For them, too many stories about wine and health are misleading and are often written by non-health experts. So the two physicians created with a simple mission: to promote the understanding of the impact of wine on health. is a not-for-profit site that discusses, distills and provides up-to-date, researched wisdom on health as it relates to wine. “We wanted to clarify what moderate wine consumption is, be clear about the data and the cardiovascular benefits,” said Dr. Jacobson.

Not only are the doctors, well, doctors, they also know a little something about wine. Once the pair got started in wine and health advocacy, they thought the natural course of action would be to learn more about wine through wine studies. Now they produce their own line of wines, made in small quantities, with grapes sourced from Mendocino and Sonoma. Their line of Sagebrush and India Ink wines are available on and in some shops in northern California.

Doctors Jacobson and Gretkowski take questions online via their website, and also speak to groups of wine lovers and women’s health groups.

Do you have questions about wine and your health? Let us know below.

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