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Jul 22, 2014
The Best Wine Bars in Your City: Austin
Wine bars in Austin are numerous and varied

1_05Ditch the craft beer and check out a wine bar this weekend (don’t worry; if you get withdrawl symptoms, most wine bars in Austin will also serve you a beer). There are many wine bar options, but we’ve whittled them down to our favorite five.

Best Neighborhood Bar: Cork and Company
Working stiffs head to downtown Cork & Co. after work. With fun flights like Pinot Envy and Cab Array, and mouth-watering cheese plates and paninis, you’ll probably end up staying a few extra hours along with all the other locals.

Best Bar for Novices: House Wine
Approachable wines, a friendly staff, and weekly wine classes priced at $25 make House Wine a great place to begin or expand your wine education. The outdoor patio is a lovely space to relax and explore wine.

Best Romantic Bar: Red Room Lounge
The name pretty much says it all, but we’ll elaborate. Hidden down an alley, the adventure of just finding the place will make for an exciting date. Once you’re inside, the red drapery, shadowed corners and copious amounts of Bordeaux encourage amorous feelings. You’re welcome.

Best Bang for your Buck: Aviary Lounge
With reasonable bottle and by-the-glass prices, on top of daily specials like $4 house wine, it’s hard to get more flavor and atmosphere for your money than at this little home decor shop cum wine bar.

Most Eclectic Wine List: Uncorked
The wine list innocently starts with Mendoza, Bordeaux and Piedmont, but then quickly veers into the less familiar and more exciting: Curico, Languedoc-Roussillon, Emilia Romagna, Lebanon and Uruguay. Come here to break out of your routine and get inspired.

What are your favorite wine bars in Austin? Tell us below.

Photo Credit: The Red Room.

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