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The Many Faces of Wine

Aug 22, 2011
The Many Faces of Wine
A deep and wide exploration of the world of wine.

psychology_of_wine_coverPublished just over two years ago, The Psychology of Wine: Truth and Beauty in a Glass remains an enduring favorite amongst Team Daily Sip. Written by the father-son duo of Evan Mitchell and Brian Mitchell, this book eschews a clinical approach, adopting instead a philosophical tone and musing about the subjective and enthralling experience of wine drinking. Exploring the unique grasp that wine has on the collective human psyche, the book tracks the history of winemaking and drinking. This book unveils wine as reflective of the accomplishments of human society. Within wine we find history, culture, travel, community, art, revelry, science, and, of course, psychology..

Much of the book reads like a drunken conversation, in the best way. Single paragraphs cite art, philosophy, film, and literature—a good liberal arts education would certainly come in handy as you move along. Despite the complexity of the topic and depth of the discussion, the authors are consistently accessible and self-deprecating, presenting wine in a way enjoyable to both the layman and studied oenophile.

The writing seems, at times, to ramble haphazardly, but never fails to entertain. Somehow, ideas grasped from a variety of disciplines and eras mesh together to create an engrossing reading experience, and everything conveyed within the pages seems massively important at the moment…just like a great dinner conversation over a few glasses of wine. Of course, the reading experience is augmented if you have some vino in hand; the authors are even kind enough to occasionally suggest that you refill your glass.

So, fill ‘er up and sit down with a copy of The Psychology of Wine. You won’t be disappointed. You can pick up a copy here.

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