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When He’s Not Making Out With Girls, He’s Making Wine

Jan 30, 2012
When He’s Not Making Out With Girls, He’s Making Wine
A new rosé for the dude with the roses

ben-flajnik-bachelor-abcA brute for punishment, winemaker Ben Flajnik shook off the stinging rejection he received on The Bachlorette last season, and searched for love once again on this season’s The Bachelor. He’s in the driver’s seat now. On a recent episode, Flajnik took 18 potential wives-to-be to Sonoma, the home of his winery, Envolve.

Envolve is the product of Ben along with two childhood pals, Danny Fay and Mike Benzinger. The team produces several wines.

Envolve Sauvignon Blanc 2010 (Sonoma Valley, CA) $19.99
Envolve Chardonnay 2010 (Carneros, CA) $24.99
Envolve Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 (Sonoma Valley, CA) $39.99
Envolve Pinot Noir 2010 (Russian River, CA) $29.99

The Bachelor airs Mondays on ABC.

What's most special about your wines and your methods?

I think the fact that Danny, Mike and I are three childhood friends from Sonoma with a shared dedication to biodynamic, organic and sustainable winemaking is really exciting. We’ve had the great fortune to have the community of Sonoma truly support us in our quest to make great wines and have had some very helpful mentors along the way.

What has had the greatest influence on you-- a wine or winery you admire?

The folks at Benziger Family Winery have been wonderful friends and mentors to Envolve, which is something we are eternally grateful for. My business partner Mike and I not only got our hands-on learning experience from them at a young age, but we are lucky enough to have access to their facilities, caves and vast resources of winegrowing and winemaking knowledge, especially when it comes to biodynamic and sustainable practices, as they really pioneered the movement in Sonoma.

Anything new coming down the pipeline you are excited about?

We’re really excited about our rosé, which we are bottling in a couple of days, to be released February 1st. It’s a syrah-based rosé from a biodynamic vineyard and it’s Envolve Winery’s first rosé, which is terrific. The retail price is $24 and we are selling it on our website. We also have a wine club event coming up very soon, which is exciting for us because a major part of Envolve Winery is the connection we have with our consumers—the wine lovers themselves. By hosting a wine club event we really get to interact with the people who drink our wine and they get the opportunity to ask us questions and learn more about the winemaking process—which is all part of our ultimate goal.

Did your appearance on The Bachelorette and now The Bachelor have any impact on your wines or the business?

The great thing is that we had a really strong fan base in Sonoma before I decided to go on national television. But it has given us the opportunity to expand into other markets across the country, which has been really huge for us. Right now we are working to get our wines into the Las Vegas, New York, Chicago and Texas.

Would you rather try Ben’s wine or go on a date with him? Share with us below.

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