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Here’s To Everything

Oct 27, 2011
Here’s To Everything
Find a flute and join in the Champagne celebration

champagne_dayBust out the bubbly because tomorrow, Friday October 28th, is global Champagne Day. We love any excuse to pop the infamous French fizz, and because we think everyone could use a little more sparkle in their lives, we invite you to crack open a bottle to celebrate Champagne’s awesomeness.

There are numerous ways to get in on the Champagne Day fun. The easiest one is to share information on what you are enjoying using the #ChampagneDay hashtag on Twitter. You can follow all the sparkling conversation (pun intended) and celebrate at your own pace. Should you happen to be in Northern California, be sure to check out the Champagne Day events taking place at the Westin Versa hotel in Napa.

We know that Champagne can be pricier than other sparkling wines so if you’re in the market for bargain bubbly, check out our list of budget bottles. You’re sure to find one to please your palate and your wallet.

If you can’t decide what type of Champagne to open, brush up on the different types of Champagne available. From brut to demi-sec, this French treat offers something for everyone.

If you’re more of a cocktail person, check out three of our favorite cocktail recipes that incorporate Champagne, or grab a bottle of Moet & Chandon’s Ice Imperial Champagne, the bubbly meant to be poured and sipped over a few cubes of ice.

Here’s to everything that sparkles! How will you be joining in the Champagne Day fun? Tell us below!

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