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 Filed as : Health

A Martini, Up, With Olives And Algae

Feb 24, 2012
A Martini, Up, With Olives And Algae
Stop a hangover before it happens

recoverybitsParty like it’s 1999…but take an algae pill first.

That’s what the company Naughtybits is saying will cure and even prevent your hangover.

When you are, um…over served, your body gets dehydrated and your amino acids drained. Maybe you recognize the results? Fogginess and headache? Well, Naughtybits says the best fix to restore the drained minerals and electrolytes is algae, which has been shown to absorb toxins introduced by the booze.

The company sells tabs to cure many ailments, but for hangovers, recommends RECOVERYbits as the way to go. For $115, you get 1000 tabs. When you order your martini, the company suggests you get it with a twist AND 15 to 20 algae tabs to prevent morning-after agony.

What’s your cure for a night of overindulgence? Tell us below.


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