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Take Another Sip

Dec 29, 2011
Take Another Sip
We look back on every Sip we took in 2011.

topten.In the past 363 days, we've brought you a broad cross section of exciting wine information to sip, swallow, savor and share. It's been quite the year, and as we looked back at our wine-filled days of 2011, a few Sips in particular stood out.

We invite you to take a quick whirlwind tour of the past year with the 10 most popular Sips of 2011. From the health benefits of wine to which state drinks the most, these Sips will delight, inform and reinforce why wine is by far the coolest fermented beverage out there. We can't wait to start our sipping in 2012!

10 Most Popular Sips of 2011

• Which State Drinks The Most Wine?
We did the numbers and we weren't the only ones surprised by the which state consumes the most wine. Click here to see who pops the most bottles in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

• Citrusy Sangria
Quick, easy, fresh and light, sangria is always a great option to kick off any gathering. We shared our recipe for a simple white wine sangria for Memorial Day here, but who's to say you can't channel a little summer in your glass during the cool winter days? To better weather!

• This Is Your Brain On Wine
Wine is delicious and fun to drink, but the research done by Loyola University's Chicago Stritch School of Medicine also affirms that it is good for your brain, too! So remember, your noggin will thank you for the next bottle you choose to open. 

Be Salty
How dull life would be without this most basic of spices! Spruce up your spice cabinet and your next meal by checking out these incredible wine-infused salts. Now you can have your wine and eat it too!

• Six Thousand Year Old Wine
An amazing wine discovery was unearthed (literally) in a cave during an archeological dig in Armenia earlier this year. The discovery pinpoints the birth of viticulture and what was excavated will astound you. Click here to read more about the beginnings of winemaking.

• Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Rosé?
Break out of the red-white-rosé mindset and try something new! Check out what's up with orange wines, and why you should definitely put one on your short list.

• White House, Red Wine
Peak into the wine history of the White House and you might be surprised by the fun facts we uncovered. From Presidents Nixon to Bush, check out the role wine has played in politics.

• Wild Things
There are plenty of wine suggestions to peruse for steak and chicken, but what if your meal consists of duck or boar? With our simple wine guide, you can tame even the wildest of dinners with ease.

• 'Cook'ed Wine
New South Wales was discovered by James Cook in 1780 and is a fascinating wine region with a rich history. Have you tried a wine from this unique Australian area? Be sure to read up on its intriguing and unique properties while you enjoy a bottle!

• Pumpkin wine Channel your inner vintner or roll up your sleeves because we've got a bunch of ways to enjoy pumpkin wine. It's still gourd season so grab em' while their around and try something new and definitely different.

Which Sip was your favorite? Be sure to let us know below. Happy New Year!


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