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The Bottlehood Of The Traveling Tumbler

Mar 22, 2012
The Bottlehood Of The Traveling Tumbler
San Diego start-up turns recycled bottles into hip housewares

bottlehoodeThe morning after your next party, take a closer look at the contents of your glass recycling bin.

Observe the frosty blue of that Bombay Sapphire Gin bottle and the feminine curves of the Coca Cola and Burgundy bottles.

These are elements of inspiration for the folks at Bottlehood, a recycled glassware company in southeastern San Diego. They turn wine, beer, liquor, and soda bottles collected from bars, restaurants, homes, and community events into beautiful repurposed vases, bowls, tumblers, pendant beads, and light fixtures.

Patron and Chambord bottles are transformed into candle bowls ($30 and $45, respectively) Skyy Vodka and Cointreau become dramatic hanging light pendants ($100 each). And Champagne bottles turn into chic, bright green bangles ($20). Jewelry addicts should also check out the hip Jack and Coke charm necklace ($35), a silver chain with two glass rings connected by a delicate gold hoop.

Got a special bottle that deserves a second life? Bottlehood will gladly cut your glass. Repurposed wine ($10) and beer ($15) tumblers make great gifts. Though we’d draw the line at Bud Light.

Use coupon code BOTTLENOTES (valid through March 31st) to save 15% on purchases at Bottlehood.

What kind of bottle would you repurpose? Share it below.


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