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Days of Wine and Lavender

Jun 14, 2012
Days of Wine and Lavender
White wines and purple blossoms that will make your senses ring

Days of Wine and Lavender.Nestled in the Bennett Valley appellation of Sonoma County there's a wine paradise teeming with life, libations, and lavender. Welcome to Matanzas Creek. If you haven't visited this stunning winery or tried their wines recently, we invite you to inhale deeply, sip slowly, and discover something special occurring just east of Santa Rosa.

No newcomer to the party, Matanzas Creek has been producing wines since 1978. Recently, winemaker Marcia Monahan has taken over production and with her at the helm, Matanzas Creek is discovering a new (and we think better) iteration of their wines. We recently had the pleasure of tasting all three Matanzas Creek sauvignon blancs and were blown away by the nuanced, flavorful and provocative line-up.

For example, the Matanzas Creek Sauvignon Blanc 2011 (Sonoma County) $21 is brimming with floral and tropical aromas. A delicate flavor with just a hint of spice left our thirst quenched, but immediately ignited our desire for more. This wine was perfect for a hot afternoon stroll through the spectacular lavender gardens that have become the winery’s trademark.

You, too, can immerse your senses during the 16th Annual Days of Wine and Lavender Festival on Saturday, June 30, 2012 from 12 to 4 pm. Tickets are $85 and can be purchased by calling 800-668-5887.

In addition to fantastic wines, the winery makes an extensive line of home, body and culinary products that will allow you to bask in lavender all year round. Our favorite are the lavender grill sticks for your barbecue. Simply soak and then spread directly on the briquettes or grill for an aromatic flavor infusion like you've never experienced. The 3-pack of grill sticks would be a perfect Father's Day gift and can be found here along with the entire lavender line up.

Are you a lavender lover? Tell us your favorite way to incorporate lavender into your life below.



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