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Grape Sex

May 18, 2012
Grape Sex
It’s that time of year

winegrapesWell, it’s come to that point in the year. The mood is finally right, and over the next few weeks, there’ll be a lot of sex in the vineyards. Strictly between the grapes of course.

Grapevines are hermaphroditic. (Remember 8th grade biology?) That means the plants have both male and female reproductive parts. Each spring—right about now—the vines will pollinate themselves. But only if conditions are perfect. Grapes as it turns out are extremely fussy about “the right moment.” Too much wind? Forget it. A little chill in the air? The grapes get a headache. Rain? May as well take a cold shower. Only when it’s still, calm, and perfectly warm, will grapes mate. The tender process is called “flowering,” and indeed, if all goes well, tiny white flowers will result. With time, these tiny white flowers will become clusters of grapes. Needless to say, if things go awry and no flowers appear, there will be no grapes. Sorry buddy.

To see flowering in action, check out out this video by Jordan Vineyards.

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