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Vin D'Amour: A Timeless Pairing

Jul 6, 2012
Vin D'Amour: A Timeless Pairing
Wine should inspire love, according to the sex queen

dr_ruth_230You most likely know the pint-sized Dr. Ruth for her late night interviews and frank advice about sex. Now she wants you to know her for something else too: Vin d’Amour, her soon-to-be-released wine. 

Dr. Ruth is on record saying that just the right amount of wine can ease the nerves between a man and a woman, and help encourage, well…a little action in the bedroom. But she warns getting drunk inhibits good sex.

The solution: Her own line of low alcohol (6 percent) wine, to be released in late July.

Under the Vin d’Amour label, there will be a cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay and white zinfandel, expected to cost between $6.99 and $9.99 per bottle, though they haven’t been priced yet. The grapes will be sourced from a winery in Headlsburg, California.

How do you feel about Dr. Ruth’s love potion? Tell us below!

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