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Michelle Caruso-Cabrera On Her Wine Picks

Feb 21, 2012
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera On Her Wine Picks
She loves her bubbles

michelleccCNBC’s chief international correspondent, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, has certainly had the opportunity to try some great wines worldwide. Last year, covering the European financial crisis, she logged 280,000 miles travelling.

A one-glass girl, Michelle says she always asks to try something local in the city she’s visiting, and is happy to try a dessert wine or Port. She loves her bubbly and has enjoyed some wonderful international wines, but she still thinks the greatest wine find is right here at home.

Bottlenotes: What’s your favorite wine?
Caruso-Cabrera: Simple. I love bubbly. So when I'm out to dinner or meeting friends for a drink, I almost always order a prosecco, Cava, or Champagne. I can’t always have it at home because I like just one glass, and opening an entire bottle, unless I’m having a party, is a total waste. The fizziness is gone by the next day – it never really lasts a week. So at home I've always got a bottle of red or white open. But when I'm out, I take the opportunity to have Champagne by the glass. Bubbly is seen as a special occasion drink. I rationalize that every day should be a celebration.

Bottlenotes: Do you have a house wine?
Caruso-Cabrerea: Yes, I pretty much stick to a French chardonnay. It’s easy, smooth and great with takeout, which I occasionally indulge in when I’m not travelling. I cook too, and I find it’s a crowd-pleaser.

Bottlenotes: You travel so much, but do you have dream wine vacation?
Caruso-Cabrera: I’ve been to Napa Valley and I loved it. It’s really beautiful there. I would really love to go to Bordeaux in France and travel around that area. Maybe I’ll get there one of these days when I’m in Europe! It’s difficult to plan because I’m often put on a plane at a moment’s notice.

Bottlenotes: Of all of the places you’ve been, and the countries whose wines you’ve tried, have you discovered a find?
Caruso-Cabrera: Honestly, I adore the reds of Channing Daughters on Long Island right here in New York. Really good wine for the price. I visited there in the summer, and I was truly impressed. I’d recommend a trip just to see the vineyard, but also suggest stocking up for a great house red.

Where do you think the greatest wine can be found? Tell us below.


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