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Wineries Are Less Dramatic Than Soap Operas

Aug 14, 2012
Wineries Are Less Dramatic Than Soap Operas
From hobby to business, a winery emerges

wineIf you’ve been looking for a wine to pair with your afternoon soap opera fix, well, there’s a winery that’s done the pairing for you.

John Wright was an architect for twenty years before becoming a full-time vintner/winemaker at his winery, Standing Sun. His wife, Laura Wright (of General Hospital fame), acts as quality control and chief taster for their venture.

But wine life and soap life intersect only slightly for the winery owners.

“The winery has had dramatic events, but not on the scale of a soap opera. Lot’s of hard work and fun, but less drama,” said John.

Standing Sun produces about a dozen varietals with grapes sourced from several wineries in the Santa Ynez Valley, in Santa Barbara County. The Wrights, who started by making 100 experimental cases of wine, today produce more than 2500 cases.

John said the winery’s most popular wines are:

STANDING SUN “GSM” 2010 (Santa Ynez, CA) $28
Syrah is the backbone of this grenache, syrah, mourvèdre blend that boasts a lot of earthiness with cherry undertones.

STANDING SUN “Le Blanc” 2010 (Santa Barbara County, CA) $24
This medium-bodied white grenache blanc and viognier blend is crisp with fruit undertones.

On the horizon for Standing Sun? They’re experimenting with a sweet wine, at the request of many of their customers who are eager for one.

What’s your favorite soap opera? Tell us below!


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Aug 14, 2012
Actually, my favorite soap is ALL MY CHILDREN (notice I said "is" because I'm still PRAYING that it will return someday, somewhere...)

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