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 Filed as : Regional Spotlight

50 States of Wine

Nov 6, 2012
50 States of Wine
Sipping Across the US

flag_400As voters across the country head to their local polling stations to cast their votes, it seemed like an apropos moment to remember that all 50 United States produce wine.

From Alaska to Alabama and Maine to New Mexico. Every American can sip a wine from his/her home state this Election Day.

This is easy to pull off in Washington, Oregon, New York, Virginia, Missouri, Michigan and Texas--and easier said than done in places like North Dakota, Florida or Montana. But a winery might be nearby. Go to for Google maps of each state's wineries--you might find some fun surprises.

For example, there's pineapple wine in Hawaii. In the colder, non-coastal northern states you'll find icewines as well as wines made from locally grown fruits such as apricots and plums--even rhubarb.

If you prefer to stick with grapes, Texas and Arizona produce solid, quaffable reds made from varieties such as Merlot, Sangiovese and Tempranillo. In the heartland you'll find many hybrid varieties, as well as plenty of Norton, the grape that dominates Missouri winemaking.

If all that seems too daring, remember that you can't go wrong by uncorking a California sparkler such as Gloria Ferrer or Iron Horse to toast this election night.

Have you had a great wine from an "unexpected" state? Tell us about it here.

And most importantly, don’t forget to vote this election day!



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