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Oh! Chateau

Mar 28, 2011
Oh! Chateau
This new wine bar in Paris serves small tastes of the world's top wines.

O ChateauWe love France. We love everything about it, actually--even the berets and the mimes. OK, maybe not the mimes, but the only thing that truly gets us in a twist about France is the stratospheric price for a single bottle of high-end wine.

But now Paris is home to Ô Chateau, a wine bar where you can try a mere sip of some of the most famous wines in the world. Classics such as Dom Perignon, Chateau Petrus and Chateau d'Yquem are regularly available by the glass--which makes us ponder moving to the City of Lights, never mind making another visit soon.

Believe it or not, by-the-glass wine in Paris has never been much to write home about. But Ô Chateau's concept isn't simply to give a taste of the good life; it's about providing an experience and a sense of place.

"I want the wines we serve to give an emotion," says Ô Chateau founder Olivier Magny. "[The wine] should take you somewhere."

Situated right near the Louvre in a newly renovated, beautiful, dark wood-lined space, Ô Chateau defies the status quo and offers three different sizes of by-the-glass pours (30ml, 100ml or 180ml) so as to suit anyone's budget. The 30ml pour of 2004 Petrus is about $70. In all, there are 40 wines sold by the glass and 500 by the bottle. The tasty food is prepared by a contestant on the French version of Top Chef.

Definitely plan to drop by Ô Chateau on your next jaunt to Paris. Or perhaps make a special trip for it--the airfare, hotel and single glass of Petrus combined would probably cost less than buying a bottle of the 2005 vintage in a wine shop here at home.

What's your favorite wine bar in the entire world? Tell us below.

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Mar 28, 2011
How much of that $70 Petrus do they actually sell?

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