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Santorini Wine, Great with Any Sunset

Aug 7, 2012
Santorini Wine, Great with Any Sunset
One grape makes both dry and sweet wine

santorini-sunset-greece_300If you’ve been to Santorini, one of the most beautiful Greek islands, you know the sunset experience may top that of any other. Okay, so you can’t get there this summer. No problem. We’ll help you get there in spirit.

Santorini, despite being a dry, volcanic island with black ash beaches and little rain, produces both sweet and dry wines from the assyrtiko grape. The vines get their moisture from morning fog.

The sweet wine produced on the island is called vinsanto (which translates as holy wine). It’s made with at least half assyrtiko grapes, which are harvested and sun-dried before being fermented and aged.

The dry assyrtiko wines from the region have nice minerality, a citrusy aroma, and a lovely light yellow color.

ARGYROS Assyrtiko 2011 (Santorini, Greece) $21 This dry white combines hints of honeysuckle and citrus fruit. It’s bold and ripe.

SIGALAS Assyrtiko Vinsanto 2004 (Santorini, Greece) $35 Intense orange colored dessert wine with honey and fruit flavors. Enjoy in tiny sips.

What’s your favorite island in Greece? If you haven’t been, which one would you most like to visit? Tell us below!


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Aug 7, 2012
Santorini is a great island and quite beautiful. I love the island of Naxos! It's somewhat of a farming island and quite lush. The Greek islands are all quite fantastic!

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