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Looking for a New Wine Region to Discover? How about Macedonia?

Aug 22, 2012
Looking for a New Wine Region to Discover? How about Macedonia?
Not your mainstream wine region

wine_grapesWhen you think of wine travel, you might immediately imagine France, Italy, or California. Have you ever thought Macadonia? Well, it might just be one to put on your wine-bucket list. Macedonia, just north of Greece, has 16 wine regions and a thriving wine industry. 

Much of the wine produced in Macedonia is made from indigenous grapes, though chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and riesling are commonly used as well. The nation’s dry summers and warm winters combined with its soil conditions yield aromatic, rich, full-bodied wines.

The country produces some wonderful wines that taste unlike anything you might have already enjoyed from other countries. If you can’t get there, here are a few to check out:

CHATEAU KAMNIK Temjanika 2011 (Skopje, Macedonia) $9 Temjankika is a grape grown in Macedonia of muscat descent. This barely sweet, light white wine would be perfect as an apertif or after dinner with a slice of apple pie.

CHATEAU KAMNIK Ten Barrels Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 (Skopje, Macedonia) $40 A big, bold cabernet with red fruit and spice, this wine is a standout and worthy of its price tag.

BOVIN WINERY “Symphony” 2011 (Tikves, Macendonia) $15 This wine is one-third chardonnay, one-third sauvignon blanc, and one-third riesling, but the riesling isn’t prominent. Rather, Symphony tastes like an earthy, buttery chardonnay--fresh and worth a taste. 
TIKVES WINERY “Barova” 2012 (Tikves, Macedonia) $22 The grape used to make this dark red wine is called kratosija, which is the local name for the grape we call zinfandel. It’s a full, fruity red, with a long finish. Perfect for lamb or ribs. 

Have you tried wine from Macedonia? Tell us your favorites below!


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