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Make Every Sip Count

Apr 22, 2012
Make Every Sip Count
The first 100 people to register for the Blush wine app receive a $10 gift card.

supporting_imageHow many times have you walked into a wine shop only to be overwhelmed by all the choices? Now there is a mobile app called Blush that has the power to be your ultimate wine-shopping companion.

Thanks to an extensive database and geo-locating ability, Blush searches the nearest shops for wines that match your taste, occasion, and budget. If you see a bottle you are curious about, scan its barcode or even speak its name (using iPhone 4s) and Blush will tell you about the wine and will match your taste and mood.

The first 100 people to register for the Blush wine app receive a $10 gift card. Turn wine shopping into a fun adventure and discover great wines that are perfectly suited for you.

The more you use Blush, the more it learns about you—it keeps a history of all the wines you scan and like. Share your favorite wines with friends and learn about wines using expert and social reviews. It even pairs wines with your favorite meals. 

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